How to save money?

Time for the next part of the article from the series “How to save money?” In previous entries we discussed the topic of expenditure optimization by proper management of the household budget, energy and water use.

We also presented practical ways to reduce spending on purchases, as well as reduce the combustion of our car. Today we will look at the issue that is definitely the most pleasant for us, i.e. entertainment. How nice to spend time and at the same time spend as little money as possible? We invite you to read our practical tips!

Buy books just to read them and then collect only dust on the shelves?


It is worth considering whether buying is definitely a good solution. In the library we should find virtually all possible items, most importantly – free of charge! We will also save time, because in every town (even the smallest), there is a library. If you absolutely have to buy a book, it is worth searching the antique shops and various bazaars at the very beginning, where often selected items can be bought for a few zlotys.


Do you like cinema? It is worth making some changes in this matter. All “chain stores” offer so-called “Cheap days”. You can then buy two tickets for the price of one. It is therefore beneficial to change the time of going to the cinema. An even better and more profitable option for our portfolio is to borrow movies from friends or family. You don’t have to watch the news right away. You can always wait these few months for the premiere of the DVD, which is definitely a cheaper option than the cinema.

Cultural events


In every city (especially in the summer) various cultural events are organized from time to time. In this case, usually all costs are covered by the city, so admission is free. It’s a great solution for people who like to have fun.

We can then go to various concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events. Most importantly – for free, for which our portfolio will certainly thank us.

Entertainment with children


Children who do not want to be bored at home want most fun. Unfortunately, this is usually also the most expensive for our budget. Therefore, it is worth thinking about this aspect, because the use of imagination can make us spend practically not a single zloty on it. Instead of going to expensive entertainment such as go-karts or paintball, it’s worth using the free ones. Very often, shopping centers organize free demonstrations of aircraft, military equipment or other items that will definitely impress our kids.

It is also worth investing in sports equipment once (e.g. a ball). Thanks to this, we can spend time outdoors. We will gain double. Not only will we save money, we will also take care of our and our children’s health. We can also focus on interactive and developmental spending of time (e.g. playing puns).

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